Brake Fluid Flush: Importance of Having It In Your BMW Maintenance Checklist

Many BMW usersdon't get their brake fluid flushed. If you feelyour BMWis apreciousthing to you then you must do this maintenance tasksfrequently. BelowI will tell you briefly why.

What's a brake fluid flush? Brake fluid flushing washes awayall the old, dirty brake fluid out of the system and after that new, clean fluid is added in, significantlyhelping theperformance of the brake system.

Why have your brake fluid flushed? It's a necessityto purge and change out your brake fluid occasionally, given that brake fluid is hygroscopic, this means it quicklysoaks moisture. That means thatyou should always take additional careto avoid your brake fluid from exposure to water, especially if topping off the fluid. Brake fluid will even pull moisture in coming from the air. Over time brake fluid gets too soaked with excessive moisture, which then causes it to break down. When moisture content reaches up toa specificlevel the brake fluid is not able to workproperly in the brake hydraulic systems.

How frequentshould brake fluid be flushed? I would personally also recommendas soon asit is no longer a light golden color or after two years.

You can perform brake fluid flush yourselfhowever, service facilitiesnowdo this with brake flushing machines. They'rea lot betterand a lot moreexpert in working with BMW maintenance like this.



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